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 General Terms of Use

Sungroowmall provides services through its website (hereinafter referred as the Website and/or Marketplace and/or Sungroowmall) as a marketplace.

Sungroowmall services are available for authorized individuals or entities (hereinafter – the Customers). Individuals must reach the age consent under the Law of the country of their residence but must be over 18 years old. Entities must be incorporated and make deals under the Laws of the country of their incorporation. Furthermore, Customers must have the full legal capacity. All Customers must use Sungroowmall services according to its Terms and Conditions hereinafter – the Terms.

By using any of Sungroowmall’s services and website the Customers agree with all Sungroowmall’s Terms and confirm that they have received all the expecting services from the Marketplace to their full satisfaction. By using of Sungroowmall’s services and website the Customers are entering into a binding agreement with Sungroowmall. If the Customers don’t agree with these Terms or they are against of Customers’ local Law the Customers can’t use Sungroowmall’s services and website.

All Customers are responsible for any information they submit to Sungroowmall. By providing of private information during registration or public information on the website as a seller or as a buyer Customers confirm that all information is true.

Customer’s Account on Sungroowmall

If individual or entity wants to use Sungroowmall’s services, they need to create an account. The Customer need only one account for selling and buying. By creating an account, the Customer automatically agrees with all Terms and Conditions of Sungroowmall, except of the Privacy Policy.

The Customer must accept it separately but if the Customer doesn’t agree with the Privacy Policy he/she can’t create an account and use Sungroowmall’s services and website. The Customer must abide by the rules during creating and using the account. All rules are binding.

The Customers must be adult and provide true information about them self, such as First name, Last name, Date of birth, Email, address and phone number.

The Customers may use only their names and private information during registration. If Customer is a legal entity, his representative must personally guarantee that he/she has the authority to agree to the Terms on behalf of the company. The representative must provide all necessary and true information about the company.

The Customer may look for content of the website without registration. If the Customer wants to buy something on the Platform, he/she must pass the first level verification process: specify his/her name, surname and email or pass verification through social networks. The Customer may specify his/her mobile phone number at will.

If Customer is a legal entity, it should pass the second level of verification. The Customer should provide statutory documents where are specified the name, legal address, good standing of the company and other required documents, as well as must specify and confirm the email and mobile phone number. The official representative of such Customer must provide his/her identification document, email and phone number, as well as document confirming his/her right to be a representative of this Customer.

The Customer may use the third party for making payments for Sungroowmall’s Services, as well as the Customer may see his/her balance in his/her account. But Sungroowmall has no responsibility for the results of this payment process.

The Customers are solely responsible for any activity on their accounts. Login and password are Customer’s confidential information and are carried out solely by the Customer. In the case the Customer provides this information to the third party he/she will be responsible for all possible consequences.

Creating an account on Sungroowmall does not mean creating a partnership, employment, joint enterprise or franchising.

Customer’s Privacy

Sungroowmall may use the information provided by the Customers under the Privacy Policy. By providing the private information Customers agree that Sungroowmall may use this information in the way it needs to make its services more appropriate.

Sungroowmall is not responsible for the information provided by the Customers to each other (for example, by the Buyer to the Seller). If Customer’s action during data collection, retention and using would affect sanction for Sungroowmall, Marketplace may request the payment of the penalty for a revenue lost.

Content of Customer’s Account

Content means all information that Customer use on his/her account (shops/users names, account profile and products descriptions, account profile and products photos and pictures, videos, comments, etc).

Customer is solely responsible for the content of his/her account. By using certain information on his/her account and the Website the Customer confirm that he/she have all necessary rights to use this information in such way, as well as that is not a violation of the rights of the third party.

By posting his/her content the Customer agree that Sungroowmall may use this information. Sungroowmall will not have an ownership to Customer’s content, but it has the Customer’s permission to use it for the Marketplace functioning. By posting information about his/her product the Customer confirm that all photos, pictures, description and comments are true.

If Sungroowmall will have the reliable and clearly-argued information that any photo, picture, description on Customer’s account is not true or violates someone’s rights it has a right to remove part or all content, as well as block Customer’s account. Sungroowmall will inform the Customer about this action. In this situation the Customer cannot appeal this decision.

If you will find any content that you own or have rights on it has been posted on the Website without your permission, you may inform us and we will remove it if we have enough arguments. It is forbidden to expose firearms, weapons (components and accessories to them), including pneumatic and signal, except for antique, other arms and ammunition, drugs, people, human remains, organs and parts of human’s body, personal documents, substances requiring special permits for transportation, data bases, illegal software, cultural artifacts, items derived from crime, items that Seller does not have the right to sell and other items prohibited by current international, Nigerian and Customer’s national laws.

Customers cannot sell or buy pharmaceutical products, tobacco, animals, fish, plants  as well as Customers cannot sell or buy items that must have any certificates, excises, licenses or other permissions.

All forbidden items will be deleted. Sungroowmall does not care any responsibility for the items’ quality, as well as for the consequences of use of any items you bought on Sungroowmall.

There is a moderation on the Website. It means that moderator must check the content of the announcement before the publication. If the announcement does not meet the requirements of the Marketplace, it will not be published.

By creating an account on the platform, the Customer agrees with it and accepts it. By posting their content the Customers provide to the Sungroowmall the worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable, sub-licensable, perpetual license to use, display, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute, store, and prepare derivative works of Customer’s Content. The Customers agree that Sungroowmall may promote their shop, goods or website in any legal way.

Use of Services.

Sungroowmall provides limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable Services concerning the possibilities of duly registered Customers to buy, promote and sell goods through its recourse. All Customers must follow the certain rules. Customers’ activity on Sungroowmall cannot violate Sungroowmall Terms and Conditions, as well as local laws of the Customers’ country of residence and international laws and regulations.

Customers must pay for all charged Services they want to use. Also Customers are responsible to pay all the fees and taxes under the laws of their country of residence after making a deal on Sungroowmall.

Buyers must pay to the Seller a specified value for goods. Parties must decide who will pay for shipping and this party must pay for shipping. If this party is the Buyer, then he/she must pay for the shipping if the required and acceptable quality goods were shipped. The Seller must pay for all export taxes and duties. The Buyer must pay all import taxes and duties.

Sungroowmall reserves the right to apply for and use the services and platforms provided by independent parties/companies, including for the purposes of receiving, processing, custody and accounting both of monetary funds and cryptocurrencies.

The Buyer may leave comments only about items he/she has already bought, as well as about the Sellers of these items.

The Sellers may choose Sungroowmall as a mediator and send it their items for selling, if Sungroowmall agrees on that. The items may be kept in storage of the Seller or of the Marketplace before making the deal before the Buyer and the Seller. In the case Sungroowmall is a mediator it is liable for items quality and condition, as well as for shipping.

The funds paid by the Buyer proceed to the Seller's account and are displayed on the Seller's inactive balance. When the Buyer confirm a receipt of the items or if 10 (ten) days passes from the moment when buyer had received the goods (according to the postal track number) and there were no claims, the funds become an active and are transferred to the active Seller's account.

By using Sungroowmall’s Services Customers agree not to try to obtain the source code, damage the Website, post in account or sent by email to support a virus or other harmful computer code. If Customers break these rules they will be blocked and may be punished according the Law.

Customers may use only Services directly specified in these Terms and other Sungroowmall’s information materials. Customers cannot use Sungroowmall’s trademarks without explicitly indicated permission. But they may offer cooperation, new ideas for Sungroowmall development, for last reason Customers may contact support team.

Copyright Infringement

Nobody may copy, reproduce or make available to the public in other way all content or any part of the Sungroowmall’s content and services. Nobody may copy, collect, store, use and/or transmit the information (texts, photos, videos etc.) from the Website or from the emails and other messages from Sungroowmall, if it is not expressly permitted.

Nobody, except Sungroowmall’s representatives, may use the information posted by Customers in their accounts without their explicitly indicated permission. Customers cannot post the information in their account if this posting will violate the copyright of the third party.

If any Sungroowmall’s user will find the information on the Website that violate the copyright of the third party, he/she must immediately inform about it Sungroowmall’s support. If Sungroowmall will have a well-documented information that information posted by any Customer violate the copyright of the third party or our copyright, this information will be deleted immediately.

Term and Termination

These Terms are must for execution until the Customer’s account termination. Every Customer has the right to be forgotten and may terminate his/her account at any time. Customers who terminated their accounts may open new accounts in the future. But even if Customer closed his/her account he/she must pay for all received and ordered services and goods from the Marketplace and other Customers.

Sungroowmall has the right to terminate or suspend Customer’s account and Customer’s access to the Services at any time, for any reason, and without advance notice. In this situation Customer may lose all content and cannot buy or sell on the Marketplace. Sungroowmall may change provided Services, as well as suspend and terminate all or some of Services without advance notice at any time, for any reason.

Sungroowmall does not bear the responsibility for any consequences of these actions.


The items may be sold by Sungroowmall as a mediator or by independent Sellers. If Sungroowmall is not a mediator the Marketplace cannot provide any warranties that goods are matching the description, quality, existence etc. In this case only Seller may provide any warranty and by using of the Marketplace the Customer agree that only the Seller may accept complaints regarding items or content of Sellers account.

The Parties can choose a platform as a mediator in the event of a dispute between them. Details of this mediation procedure are contained in the Dispute Resolution Policy. Sungroowmall may provide the Customer with free of charge assistance and support but no advice or information obtained by Customer from Sungroowmall shall create any warranty on behalf of the Customer in this regard.

The Customer may contact with other customers but he/she releases Sungroowmall from all liability relating to any Customers, deals or interactions. Sungroowmall cannot guarantee that the Customers may use the Marketplace’s services at any time from any place.

Liability Limitations

Sungroowmall is not obliged to monitor, get to know in some other way or estimate the performed deals, except for cases when Sungroowmall is a mediator, consulting provided by third parties or other actions of the Customer.

Sungroowmall is not liable for accounts’ content, as well as condition and shipping of items if Sungroowmall is not a mediator. Sungroowmall has no liability for accuracy, copyright compliance and legality posted by the Customers.

Sungroowmall has no responsibility for offensive users’ comments and behaviour. By using the Website, the Customers agree that all deals (buying or selling) are carried out solely by you and you bear exclusive responsibility for their result, except for cases when Sungroowmall is a mediator. If the dispute is resolved by Sungroowmall, in accordance with the Dispute Resolution Policy the parties take this decision unconditionally.

The Website may contain referrals to third party’s websites or services but SUNGROOWMALL does not own or control them. The Customers may use these websites and services but they agree that SUNGROOWMALL has no responsibility for any results of this using. Customers must understand that it is their own risk and liability. Third party may use its own terms and conditions Customers need to accept for using the services.

Only Buyers and Sellers are liable for possessing necessary equipment and access to the Internet for using Sungroowmall Services. We have no responsibility for consequences of equipment and/or Internet using.


The Buyers and the Sellers may have disputes regarding a return or an exchange of the items or require a refund of paid money if we are a mediator. We may help to resolve the dispute but we do not bear the responsibility for the results of the disputes and for covering of damages or losses.

If the Customer is not satisfied with our services, he/she should inform the Marketplace. We will try to solve the request. In accordance with the Dispute Resolution Policy if Sungroowmall and its Customers could not resolve the dispute by themselves, the Customer may use legal assistance.

The Customers should keep in mind that Sungroowmall’s activities are regulated by the laws of Nigeria and all Terms are under the laws of Nigeria. If SUNGROOWMALL and the Customer has a dispute which cannot be initially resolved through good faith negotiations, such controversy or dispute shall be submitted to arbitration and resolved by a single arbitrator, who is not employed by or associated with either party. The arbitration shall take place in Nigeria.

By using of Sungroowmall’s services the Customer agree that any claim, action or legal process regarding SUNGROOWMALL’s services will be brought only in front the court in Nigeria.


Before using the Sungroowmall Site, you should ensure that you understand the risks involved in buying and selling with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency markets can be volatile and prices can fluctuate significantly, which could result in sudden and significant increases or decreases in the value of your bitcoin.

Sungroowmall have put in place plan to ensure risks are limited by displaying price of products in US Dollars so this does reduce the effect of volatility however, by accepting the term of use written hereof, you have accepted the responsibility of the risks that comes through buying and selling on Sungroowmall.

You should carefully assess whether your financial situation and risk tolerance is suitable for buying or selling with cryptocurrency. You accept and agree that you are solely responsible for any decision to buy, sell or otherwise hold or deal with cryptocurrency.

Changes to the Terms

We may update, change, expand or narrow this Terms and other our rules. Customers must from time to time look through updates. SUNGROOWMALL will try to update the Customers using posting of new information on the Website or through emails. But We have no responsibility for informing the Customers about changes in Terms of Use and other rules. By using Sungroowmall’s services after Terms changing the Customer agree and accept these changes.

Contact information.

If the Customers need more information about the Services or Terms of Use, as well as a proposal to improve them, the Customer may contact the Marketplace through email