Initial preparations

  •  Start with gathering the materials and data you will need to set up your new store at the marketplace, including photos, pricing information, and billing details — this will help you to go through the whole procedure seamlessly and efficiently.

Identify the key words

  • When shoppers look for particular items, they usually make their way through hundreds of listings by searching for them with keywords. Therefore, a seller must know which descriptive words and phrases will most likely be used by their potential customers.
  • In order to identify such keywords, start with brainstorming—make a list of any relevant words and phrases you may think of. Then go through the full list once more and preserve only the most accurate ones. Once the final list is settled, add the keywords to the description.
  • To optimize your keywords’ list, check your store’s analytics once a week—the data will help you to identify the ones which don’t work and need to be replaced. To optimize your keywords’ list, check your store’s analytics once a week—the data will help you to identify the ones which don’t work and need to be replaced.

Item description

  • Item descriptions should be full and concise—this will allow your potential customer to identify your listing quickly.
  • When creating your product’s card,it is important to describe its key attributes: color, material, size, etc. We also suggest you to enhance your product’s description by making them affective—try adding some emotional keywords from your list.


Short description:

  • Unique product made with 100% of Love and style.

Long description:

  • This unique product can be used in any occasion you want. Very convenient, very beautiful. Perfect for every day usage. Really cool. Small size, metal +plastic, blue color.

Make your product images captivating:

  • Most of Sungroowmall’s vendors are not professional photographers—and it’s likely you are not either. However, the products’ images that are vivid, illustrative, yet simple are key to successful sales. Accordingly, we suggest you to take care of high quality product photos as your first priority.
  • You don’t really need any high-end gear—learn a few fundamentals of photography and keep experimenting with camera settings, angles, and lightning to discover those which would suit your product the best.

Choose a product category and attributes.

Choosing the category

  • Firstly, you need to choose the most relevant category for your product—does it belong to accessories, home décor, apparel, or something else? Once you’ve determined the category, you will be able to choose the product attributes.
  • The types and number of available attributes depend on the chosen category and subcategory—you may notice that some categories offer a wider range of specific attributes while other have more generalized attributes.

Choosing the attributes

  • Try to tick the most relevant attributes from the dropdown menu.
  • Use every description opportunity to help your customers easily find and choose the
  • right product.

Example: You are listing a sandal. However, the color lemon is unavailable in the attributes list. Try choosing the closest one – pick yellow as the main attribute.

However, should you feel that the lemon color is an essential attribute of your product, consider naming your product as “lemon sandal”.

Post only available products

  • We recommend that you only post items or products that are only available at your store. We may not tolerate failure in delivery.
  • Severe punishments are given for such. We value our quality services, sellers and buyers.

Make quick delivery

  • Whenever an order is formed from a buyer, we inform you immediately to make delivery. Do note that you have just 4 days for delivery so only post items that are available.
  • Actions are taken for failure in delivery without concrete reasons. We may suspend your account without explanations or impose more stringent punishment.

Understand the sales commission on sungroowmall

  • Selling on sungroowmall is almost free as we will charge only 3% on sale of every items or products sold through our platform. We have the sole right to decrease or increase the commission right in the future without explanation.