Use the right words to search item

  • Many products or items are available on sungroowmall and all these products may not appear on the home page. You can make use of the search box to search your desired products if they are available.
  • Using the right words will enable you get the exact item you might want to buy.

Search through the category menu

  • You can also search through the product category menu available on the sungroowmall home page.

Get your Bitcoin ready for shopping

  • The only means of payment at the moment on sungroowmall is BTC. You may not be able to make payment if you don’t have bitcoin wallet or have BTC in it.
  • We recommend visiting a trusted local cryptocurrency exchange site of your company to get BTC with fiat. To understand what bitcoin is, see here

Pick your products to the cart

  •  Once you find your desired products, click on them and they will be automatically transferred to your cart.
  • Ensure all products picked are not more than the amount of bitcoin in your wallets hence you might not be able to make payment and your products will not be delivered by the seller.

Make payment for your products or items

  • Click on checkout to make payment for your items. The checkout page will page contact our wallet address and instructions on how to make payment.
  • You need not fear. Your funds are 100% safe and will only be released to the seller once your products are delivered and you confirm receipt. We have refund policy should seller fails to deliver products at your door step.