Sungroowmall is the first decentralized web 3.0 blockchain marketplace for sellers and buyers to transact using bitcoin as the only medium of medium of payment. All you need to do is to register on the platform, list your products as a seller and begin selling or search for product as a buyer and begin buying. We’ll take care of the rest.

No, at the moment we only allow Bitcoin as the only medium of exchange. You can change your fiat to bitcoin on crypto exchange sites.

Our platform is 100% safe. We are mediators between buyers and sellers/vendors. We try as much as possible to verify the identity of every seller/vendor on our platform however, we do not encourage buyers to make payment directly to vendors. Buyer make payment to our wallet address, Seller send goods and products to buyer, we disburse payment to sellers- Our platform follows this order.

Yes! Sungroowmall will only showcase real pictures of items. In cases where a vendor does not follow the terms and conditions of listing products and a complain is brought forward by buyer, such vendor shall be suspended.

Whenever a buyer sends bitcoin payment to our wallet for goods or products, we immediately send this bitcoin to an exchange where we convert it to stable coins (USD,USDT). This protect us against volatility. Be rest assured to receive your complete payment displayed for goods as a seller after removing our service charge of 3%. We do not bear responsibility of price movement of coins in your wallet. Value of bitcoin when sent can be found on Blockchain.

Please visit to create a wallet. We will only pay you in Bitcoin.

If products are damage through delivery process, the seller is responsible however if seller delivers a product which is confirmed faultless by buyer upon receipt and then damaged after, the buyer bears responsibility except products has a warranty and is within the warranty period.